Think fit method™ is An 8-week self-paced online course to help you conquer mindset, emotional eating and self-sabotage on your journey to self discovery and weight loss God's way.


What makes Think Fit Method™ different?

I struggled with emotional eating for years, so I understand that it’s not just a physical issue.  The mind must be healed before the body in order to have truly sustainable results.  That’s why I developed a course to help you overcome emotional eating, binge eating, negative self-talk and self sabotage.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made, and you are of infinite worth.  It’s crucial not just to know this, but to truly understand and feel it.  Think Fit Method™ will take you on a journey of discovery that will reunite you with your best self; the person God created you to be.

Along with the all-important emotional healing you’ll experience in this course, you’ll also learn a better approach to nutrition and exercise.  They’re a vital part of your journey as well, and I’ll teach you how to give your body exactly what it needs for optimal health and weight loss - God's way. You will be able to work through this course at your own pace!

This program integrates a whole body experience which I have not found in other programs. I am gaining knowledge about health related topics, nutrition and exercise while digging into myself – my built in thoughts and beliefs. Most importantly Think Fit Method™ is incorporating my spiritual self and looking Biblically at the topics!
— Debbie Heiser