During this 8 week course, you will learn how to retrain your mind, define your why, stop negative self talk, and know your worth. Friends, you are worth it. You will learn tools to help you stop the emotional eating, binge eating, and self sabotaging. You will be able to work through this program at your own pace but I fully recommend that you stay in order of how it is laid out for you.

Each week you will be given some reading and worksheets to do at the start of the week based on the topic that week. You will have nutritional changes you will make each week as well as some exercise. This program is designed to build off of the previous week and will not expect you to start day one with hard workouts and intense nutritional strategies.


You will also have a small devotion each week to dive into, and reflection time every Sunday to take some time to look back on your accomplishments for the week. Please do not skip this part. Part of the process of developing healthy habits and new neuro-pathways in the brain is taking time to see your progress and celebrating those victories. This is a VERY important part of the journey to healing your mind.

As you will see in this course, it is divided by week modules. Each week/module will have three parts to it. Education/Reflection, Nutrition, and Exercise. Please start on a Monday and work through each day. You will need about 15-30 minutes per day to be fully invested in changing your mindset.