I am only on step 2 of the Think Fit Method™, but you just said everything I needed to hear at the perfect time. Thank you for creating this program and for not only believing in all women but for helping all women learn to believe in themselves!
— Morgan T. (april 2018)

Debbie H.
Three Vines Consulting

"This program integrates a whole body experience which I have not found in other programs.  I am gaining knowledge about health related topics, nutrition and exercise while digging into myself – my built in thoughts and beliefs. Most importantly Think Fit Method™ is incorporating my spiritual self and looking Biblically at the topics Jenny shares!  I am loving this program!"

I am loving the ThinkFit Method!
— Tami P. (April 2018)

Lisa O.

“My daughter, she’s 20 btw, and I both began our Think Fit Method Journal and Devotionals October 1. First and foremost, we are both loving it! I’m so excited for her to be able to learn these mindset truths at a young age. She already has a healthier body image than I did at her age. If we’re being totally honest, hers is even better than mine today. I can still remember back to the first time I looked in the mirror and began to pick apart what I saw. It began in seventh grade when a boy I didn’t even know that well made a comment about my weight, which by the way was not a problem. Satan used his comment to make me doubt myself and feel insecure. Fast forward to now, at 52, I’m still working on correcting that mindset.”

I’m on a personal health and wellness journey right now and I’m using this journal/devotional as part of my morning devotions with the Lord. It’s SO good and Biblically based!
— Jennifer M.

Jen M.

“I HIGHLY recommend this journal. It’s worth the investment and goes perfectly with Jenny’s FASTer Way bootcamp. It’s so good that it had me in tears the other night. It' is so smart in that it makes it easy to understand and even know my why. And allows me to set goals which has always been hard for me. It is very motivational, structured and easy to put in to practice. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m not just saying this. I will be recommending it to all my friends.”

Jenny this is truly an amazing journal and devotional! 💕 I am in love with the every piece of it and I’m scared to write in it 😆 for fear I’ll ruin its beauty. Nailed it girl!
— Theresa C.