Worship in Your Workout? Trusting God in Our Wellness Journey…

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Everything we are is because of everything He has done. There is no one who loves us more and continues to pursue us day in and out that Christ.  I’m starting this blog out with that statement because I want you who are reading this to understand the reality that a life and any pursuit not rooted in Jesus will be fleeting.  You may be thinking “well what does this have to do with my health journey?” It has everything to do with it. I’ll write it again, ANY pursuit that is not rooted in Jesus will be fleeting. This definitely includes your health journey because your creator cares about every detail of your life.  He cares and that is why we need to move forward in a way that is honoring to him. When we submit our plans in any area of our lives to him, we trust in his leading in every space.

Make sense, right? Now you may be asking how in the world do I implement this idea?  It may seem hard because more often than not we probably are in the driver seat with our foot on the gas in this area of our lives.  Setting goals and meal prepping and scheduling in gym time, etc. are all things we do and they are good things….but what if we allowed God to even lead these things.

Here’s my suggestion (and for the record, I’m a work in progress on all of this myself):

  1. Prayerfully ask God for guidance.  Simple, start here. Before you make plans, submit them to the Lord. Goal setting? Ask God for clarity and direction.  Weekly planning- ask Him to show you what is priority and for leading on how to make it “all” work. Even meal planning, ask Him how to make nourishing your body a priority in a way that fuels and benefits not only you, but your whole family.  Keep it simple, but try it out and trust him for leading.

  2. First things First- okay girls, this one can be tough to implement but again, is simple in practice IF you do it! PRAY before you workout! Yep- ask God to give you the strength you need to get it done. Ask him to help you be disciplined and focused and to allow the time working out be a time of worship. It is doable when we ask Him to be the center of what we are doing.  This could take some practice but will have impact!

  3. Last, and probably most important- understand that the renewing of your mind, which impacts your whole health comes from God and him alone.  Ask him for the desire to be dependent on him for the strength you need to stay committed to your health inside and out. It starts inside, with your heart and mind.  Lasting change only occurs here, when we willingly ask for God to renew our mind and that we lean in and follow.

Let’s make this week one we give to God first to lead our health journey and trust he will show us His way, which is always best!

Jenny + the Think Fit Method Team

Jenny Mire