Why Mindset Matters with Weight Loss

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Have you ever tried, and tried again to lose weight by following a diet, restricting calories, or killing yourself at the gym?  Most of us can probably give a solid yes to this question because for the majority, when wanting to shed some weight we default to this system.  While physically working toward weight loss by way of clean eating and exercise IS part of the process, have you ever considered why our motivation eventually wanes, or we fall off the wagon over and over?  

Simply put, it’s not just about diet and exercise. More importantly it’s about MINDSET.  Our mind is powerful and with our thoughts and words (we speak to ourselves) we create worlds/realities.  If we don’t consider our mindset in our health journey we likely won’t be successful and healthy on the whole.  Our wellness starts on the inside. Trusting and believing in what God says about us, his redemption in us and stepping into what he says is right and true of us.  Having a positive self worth rooted in our faith is the basis for a health mindset and the exercise of renewing our mind to truth. In doing this we will start to believe that healthy choices and how they impact our physical body is what is best.  It won’t be about just loosing weight or staying motivated, we’ll gain endurance for the long hall as we crash the negative chatter in our minds and lean into the truths about our worth and valuing our physical bodies towards healthy living.

I’d encourage you today to take some time to consider your mindset, and your worth and to trust that when we work on our hearts and minds, we will in turn be able to take care of our body and health in a realistic and inspired way.  Try starting this process by doing these two things:

  1. Pray and ask God to help you understand your worth in Him.  Ask him for clarity and help to trust him as he leads your heart and mind.

  2. Be kind to yourself, start changing even simple negative thoughts to kinder ones, you can start by simply intentionally disagreeing with any untrue or negative thoughts you have about yourself.

I am passionate about helping you understand your value and worth- and to help you with mindset! If you need a place to start this journey in a guided and personal way please check out The Think Fit Method Journal + Devotion here.

Jenny + The Think Fit Method Team

Jenny Mire