W.E.A.K (Worries, Expectations and Appetite for approval will Knock you down)

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I am a huge fan of the IF:Gathering and their mobile app and want to start this post today out by telling you to go check it out.  Also to acknowledge that the inspiration behind this blog is based on their acronym “WEAK”. WEAK stands for “Worries, Expectations, and “Appetite for Approval will Knock you down.”  All of these things play in majorly into all of the conversations we have had here around mindset, worth, Christ-Centered image and beyond. I’m sure you all agree that the components of WEAK are really detrimental to our everyday lives, struggling with worries, meeting and unmet expectations and approval are all things that are not of Jesus and not what he wants us to wallow in.  

Quite the opposite actually, IN Christ we…

  1. Find Freedom From Worry because we trust in His perfect will and plan for our lives, even when it takes work, continual surrender to trusting him is something we will work for every hour of every day.  This is beautiful though because it will cultivate our faith and dependency on Him to lead and guide us away from white-knuckling and worrying in life and move us towards freedom in him. In Christ we find

  2. In Christ we find that serving is better than expectation and we trust God to meet us in the gap.  If we struggle with unmet expectations, we can lean into the promise that God is enough. And in a more practical way, we can apply this by working hard to serve instead of expect. It’s much easier to complain and be sidelined in life by unmet expectations but we cannot dwell here. Let’s ask God how to lead us forward in this space and help meet the needs of others trusting that God will help change our expectations to align with his will for us.

  3. In Christ we find all the approval we need. He died for us because he loves us and found us worth dying for. We are made worthy and complete in HIM and his sacrifice. Seeking the approval of man will always leave us feeling like we come up short.  Running to the words and wisdom of God will fill us with the Christ-like confidence we need to find our worth and approval complete in him.

Let’s take our WEAKnesses and surrender them each day (because we won’t ever master this #humancondition) at the foot of the cross and look for our foundation and foothold in Christ alone!

Jenny + The Think Fit Method Team

Jenny Mire