Hi! My name is Jenny Mire and I am a Certified Personal Trainer with my college degree in the Education and Counseling fields. I understand from personal experience that it is hard to find the motivation to lose weight on your own. I understand the struggles of food addiction and emotional eating. I understand the struggles of life and being busy. That is why I have made it my mission to teach other women what I have learned over the years – that they CAN do it with the proper tools.

Thank you for trusting me as your trainer and fitness coach! I am excited to help you start (or continue) on your journey to health. Please take a minute to learn a little more about me and my journey below. I have NOT always been “fit” or “in shape.” My journey was a difficult one – but one I am proud of. And I hope I can inspire YOU to make the change, too.

I am a daughter of the one true God, a wife, a mom of three, a sister, a friend, and today I know myself better than I ever have. Because of this, I am able to share my passion, knowledge and experience with those whose paths cross mine. I have never been more excited about the call on my life to help others find the healthy life they desire.   

My story isn’t unlike many of yours. I was not always healthy, or active. I lacked confidence in myself, and for a long time, I also lacked the belief that I needed to have in myself to change my health for the better.  I was not always confident. I didn’t view myself as “worth it.” I was an emotional eater. I hated exercise. I dabbled in “fads” and short term windows of motivation offered me some success, but ultimately my heart wasn’t in it.  I didn’t have the right outlook or understanding of what it truly meant to treat my body as a temple and to honor the one who created it.  Saving my calories all day for Cold Stone ice cream and Subway sandwiches (true story) didn’t lead to anything but a body that was hungry for nutrients and a mind that knew this wasn’t the answer. I was self sabotaging.

Growing up, I was never the "athletic" type. I carried a little extra weight and I did not care to be "healthy." My childhood was one of staying out of the spotlight - I was not the "popular" girl in school. I kept to myself most of the time, but luckily, God brought a young boy into my life who loved me for me. I married my high school sweetheart while obtaining my degree in Education and Counseling, Educational, and Developmental Psychology. After years of letting myself go, enduring struggles, miscarriage and depression, my husband and I had our first daughter.  Immediately following her delivery in 2007, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. And within a month, I had to have my gallbladder removed. Needless to say, I was a wreck.  This wasn’t the picture of life I thought I would have.

Sixteen months later we had our second daughter. I started having migraines and was constantly tired. The excess weight was dragging me down and I continued to struggle with bouts of depression that led me to emotional eating. I tried exercise videos and dieting but nothing seemed to work as I slipped deeper into depression. The years following, I was good at faking it. I lost some of the baby weight but my body hurt. I would cry out to God and pray that something in me would change. Meanwhile, two years later, I became pregnant with my third girl. I had a very rough pregnancy, being on bed rest and gaining over 60 lbs. We had our baby girl in Spring of 2011 and one year later something inside me snapped. I was sick of being overweight and tired. I was tired of the sadness and lack of energy I had. I was tired of the headaches. I was tired of being so self-conscious about everything I wore and everything I did.


I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, but it happened, and I knew it was time to dig in and put in the work to change my life. It started with motivation, which inspired me to study and research. I wrestled with God about my worth and this propelled me to follow through and put in the work. I fell in love with weight lifting - something I was never taught to do as a woman. I started researching and understanding nutrition and my body changed, but my mind change, too. I began to lean out - FINALLY - without doing hours upon hours of cardio. As my body began to change, my self image began to change. I began to love myself. Even though I still had a "ways to go" with weight loss, I finally began to see myself as worth it. And as my body continued to change, the emotional eating stopped. I implemented tools (from my mental health background and schooling) and allowed God to do a work in my life that helped when I found myself sinking back into depression and anxiety that led to emotional eating along my journey. I truly began to see myself the way that God intended - a child of the King. Finally able to see my LIFE as worth it. To fuel my body the way I was supposed to. To work through my own mental health struggles. My life changed.

In 2014, at the same time I was selling my social work agency, I went back to school and studied at the International Sports Science Association to obtain my certificate in personal training, because I felt a strong desire to start helping women the way I wish I would have had help in the beginning. I felt the stir of helping lift up others (by giving them the tools they needed) become an igniting passion in myself. That winter, I purchased a local gym where I could share my passion and knowledge with my community and from there I continued to invest in this field and grow in my knowledge of health, nutrition and overall wellness. I took things to the next level when I began online trainings and bootcamps that could help women I couldn’t physically reach. And my heart for working with people grew even more, and still does.

I realize now more than ever that healthy living starts inside- we have to have our emotional health in check to truly thrive, and I am a champion for that above all else. My three girls continue to be the inspiration that brought me to the place I am now. I am healthy, fueled and strong. I am imperfect but I am equipped and I know that motivation sometimes runs out but consistency pays off. And that is likely why my story and yours are similar. Each one of us has come to a place where we want to treat our body well, by feeding and training well for life. We all have our “reason(s)” and we push because we are capable.

Today I am here: healthier and fuller and finally holding on to the needed knowledge and personal experience necessary to continue to treat my body as God would have me, starting with my head and heart and letting that be the catalyst for my overall health. Training hard, finding balance and eating to fuel my body rather than mistreat it.

I’m here with an open heart and a true desire to be your biggest cheerleader and champion for you. We are all capable of living healthy lives to the fullest and I believe God has equipped me to be a source of encouragement and beyond for those who He brings my way. My passion lies in running my online fitness bootcamps with women just like you and me, all over the world. My mission is to empower and teach other women how to look and feel their best no matter what the age. And I want YOU to know your worth. That is why I have created the Think Fit Method™.

In the fall of 2017, after years of running fat loss virtual bootcamps and training women in person at my gym, I found there was a BIGGER struggle to losing weight than just ‘knowing’ what to do. I found that the bigger struggle starts in the mind. I, personally, continued to struggle with binging, self sabotaging myself and a feeling guilty around having a “treat.” I spent many days in prayer about what to do… and what was next. I knew that God put me in this position to help women because that is His plan for me.

In September of 2017, I was on a flight back home after an amazing health conference just reflecting and praying. Then it struck me, women LIKE ME need a program to heal their MIND before healing their bodies physically. It starts in the MIND first. And the biggest hurdle is believing that YOU ARE WORTH IT! At that moment, Think Fit Method was born. The Lord has been with me since, developing this whole program.

The Think Fit Method™ is a program designed to help you view your WORTH, heal your MIND, and get you FIT. There is a link between your weight and your mental health and vice versa. One of the biggest things in your health and fitness journey, whether you are trying to lose weight or not, is shifting your mindset. In order to change our outside we must FIRST change our inside.